Paddy’s owner: ‘Alison knows Paddy really well as she’s been grooming him since he was 15 weeks old, so it was only fitting that she should capture him on canvas for me. Her fantastic portrait is an uncanny likeness of him & really brings out his cheeky nature. I’ve shown the picture to Paddy & he’s delighted with it too! Many thanks Alison’

Miranda’s owner: ‘I have been meaning to e-mail you…to say how well the portrait of Miranda has been received…the portrait has been thoroughly appreciated. Thanks again, I’m sure we will speak again about our current cat Pippa.’

Ming and Sid’s owner: ‘Can’t believe the picture. I am sooo over the moon!’

Evie and Hixxy’s owner: ‘Ali has portrayed our dogs amazingly. We especially appreciate the thoughtful details Ali has included in the painting such as a glow and forget-me-not flowers around Evie, who is no longer with us. We love the painting and will cherish it forever.’

Alfie and Eddie’s portrait, gifted to the customer’s parents: ‘They have just opened the painting and absolutely love it. It is their best Xmas present ever! Looks great on the wall too.’

‘I just wanted to write to say we are so happy with our dog portraits. We have hung them in a very special place in our home.

Cooper and Thursday are forever memorialised on canvas where they are so happy in the mountains of Virginia. We will always be able to take a wistful sidelong glance and be reminded of a very special time when we and our dogs were first united.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job of catching our funny canine boys.’

This is my girl, I couldn’t believe how perfect she has been captured in this painting. Her eyes are so realistic it’s just her… Thank you for a masterpiece that I will forever cherish. It’s absolutely stunning.’